Surviving A Serial Cyber Harasser & Stalker
Who is Jason Christopher Hughes aka Ray Johnson?
Who is Jason Christopher Hughes aka Ray Johnson?

Who is Jason Christopher Hughes aka Ray Johnson?

You are here because you either heard about our case in the media or you are a former victim who googled him, and we came up as a result. Whatever brings you here, welcome.

Jason Christopher Hughes aka Michael Nath, aka Michael Rudra Nath, aka Luis M. Arsipial aka Raymond Johnson, aka Ray Johnson, currently of Staten Island New York has formerly lived in Seattle Washington, Austin Texas, Billings Montana, and the greater New York City Area. He is a serial cyber harasser and stalker who has bullied and relentlessly pursued an unknown amount of people online and in person.

There is not one victim profile. Jason has a fondness for attaching himself to vulnerable women, especially young women with bad home lives or women fresh out of bad relationships. He does not just pursue romantic partners and as repeatedly harassed people of all genders and walks of life. He has caches of photographs of former lovers and often distributes these pictures.

Jason’s felony conviction is for harassing two unknown women, one of which was a childhood pen pal. Jason began communicating with this pen pal in the fourth grade, and she stopped communication when his correspondence grew unhinged and dark. He then continued to show up in person and online, both threatening her and pleading for her to join him in his life. He even threatened to harm a school full of children when the woman moved overseas to avoid him. This woman’s name was sealed by the courts and is only known to law enforcement, Jason, and lawyers. She has not chosen to come forward to media as of yet.

Equally disturbing is the “Owl Poem,” which details how to turn a human into a “pet owl” to “Torture with sharp bamboo,”. While this poem was sent to several of his victims, only one of the people who received it was represented in the charges brought against him. This woman is also unknown to the public at large and has not chosen to come forward. Several people in the help forums have stated they received the letter, and it is unknown why this one instance received punitive damage and others did not.

What is also unknown is why Jason was allowed to change his name while awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to cyber harassment in federal court. His name has been legally changed from Jason Christopher Hughes to Raymond Johnson. Rumor says Raymond was the name of his former stepfather, but Raymond Johnson is also the name of a deceased pop artist who was the focus of an early 2000s documentary called How To Draw A Bunny. Artist Ray Johnson is famous for his mail art, performance work, and stunts like shipping drawings to museums so he could say he was part of their collection.

Jason’s known associates are Amy Nath aka Amy S Metzger and Vanessa McGee/Rossetto. Vanessa Rossetto is Jason’s ex-wife and Amy Metzger is his current wife, and he seems to be living with Amy in a Staten Island home owned by Amy’s family. Jason’s in-laws also reside in the same house as Amy and Jason. From this house he used a neighbor’s open Wi-Fi to stalk and harass people, but the FBI identified his whereabouts and arrested him from this home.  The nature of the relationship between Vanessa and Jason is unknown currently. Vanessa McGee/Rossetto is a musician and artist who often uses the nickname “Niwi” online.

Jason also has an unusual obsession with women named Rachel and Vanessa. One of his victims reported he feels any woman he meets named Vanessa or Rachel were sent to him by divine forces and are his to possess.

Once Jason began harassing people for perceived slights or romantic rejection, anyone who came to that person’s defense risked being added to his list of targets. Like most abusers, Jason would indicate he was the victim of stalking and try to control the narrative by asserting himself as victim. Make no mistake, Jason is not a victim, and there is no guarantee he will be safe or continue his pause in harassment after his sentence is served. Victims of Jason are holding their breath to see what happens once he is a free man.

What we do know is that this harassment went on far too long. Too many people have lost too much time to his threats, abuse, and misbehavior. No actions taken by the victims justify the torment and endless badgering this man dished out.  Some of his victims even indicate he has been destroying careers and social lives going back to 1995 with his failed relationship with Carla Williams.