Surviving A Serial Cyber Harasser & Stalker
The Next Installment of the “Unraveled” Anthology Unmasks a Prolific and Terrifying Cyberstalker in “Unraveled: The Stalker’s Web”
The Next Installment of the “Unraveled” Anthology Unmasks a Prolific and Terrifying Cyberstalker in “Unraveled: The Stalker’s Web”

The Next Installment of the “Unraveled” Anthology Unmasks a Prolific and Terrifying Cyberstalker in “Unraveled: The Stalker’s Web”

The companion two-hour special will begin streaming on discovery+ on Tuesday, August 10.

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–The Six-Part Podcast UNRAVELED: THE STALKER’S WEB, Hosted by Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter, Releases on June 16, with a Companion Special Streaming on discovery+ Beginning Tuesday, August 10 —

(New York, NY) — Following the success of THE LONG ISLAND SERIAL KILLER, the next installment of the UNRAVELED podcast and series anthology tracks the multi-decade wrath of Jason Christopher Hughes, who is believed to have stalked and terrorized upwards of 50 victims across more than a dozen states. This podcast reveals dangerous and disturbing accounts from his accusers, exposing how this online predator unleashed vicious attacks that cost people their livelihoods, destroyed their marriages, and drove some to contemplate ending their lives to make it stop. Now in the six-part podcast releasing on June 16, co-hosts Alexis Linkletter (The First Degree) and Billy Jensen (The Murder Squad) investigate his trail of destruction and talk to his accusers – both men and women – who endured his decades of abuse before they were able to work together to unmask this predator. Listen to UNRAVELED: THE STALKER’S WEB on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Cyberstalking is a difficult crime to prove, and even more difficult to prosecute. Vengeful predators have the ability to toy with people’s lives to the point where their victims have no place to hide, and no laws to protect them. On March 30, 2017, Jason Chrisopher Hughes was formally indicted on five counts, four of which stemmed from stalking a pen pal from 4th grade in the 1970s – an example of Hughes’s relentless pursuit of revenge at even the smallest perceived slight. He was placed on house arrest, and in October 2020 Hughes pled guilty to one count of transmission of threat to injure. Hughes awaits sentencing, but every possible outcome leaves his alleged victims caught between a disturbed human being and a justice system that can’t figure out how to handle him.

Visit for more information about this case and helpful tips on cyberstalking. The companion two-hour special, UNRAVELED: THE STALKER’S WEB, will begin streaming on discovery+ on Tuesday, August 10.

THE STALKER’S WEB is the second deep dive in the UNRAVELED anthology series, exposing a systemic problem within our criminal justice process through a podcast and companion streaming special for discovery+. The first installment featured an “investigation into the botched investigation” of the Long Island Serial Killer and the corrupt ex-police chief at its helm. A bonus episode of the podcast LONG ISLAND SERIAL KILLER releases today, where Billy and Alexis answer fan questions about LISK and tease the new seasons of UNRAVELED to come.

UNRAVELED: THE STALKER’S WEB Podcast Episode Rundown

Episode 1: “Antisense”

Releases on Wednesday, June 16

Alexis and Billy uncover the identity of a dangerous online serial predator named “Antisense”.

Episode 2: “Rachel”

Releases on Wednesday, June 23

Victim “Rachel” reveals how a weekend fling turned into a decades-long campaign of online attacks.

Episode 3: “The Extinct Marsupial”

Releases on Wednesday, June 30

An old friend turned victim reveals how Jason Christopher Hughes began stalking him.

Episode 4: “His Mother”

Releases on Wednesday, July 7

Cynthia Hughes shares the tumultuous backstory of her son’s upbringing.

Episode 5: “The Devil’s Web”

Releases on Wednesday, July 14

Alexis and Billy investigate the sinister tools of the cyberstalking trade to learn how Jason torments his victims without getting caught.

Episode 6: “Hiding Out”

Releases on Wednesday, July 21

Federal authorities locate Jason Christopher Hughes.


Alexis Linkletter

Alexis Linkletter is a Long Island-raised and Los Angeles based true crime documentary producer and investigative journalist. As a producer, she has been instrumental in the creative launch of several TV series, including “Unmasking a Killer” for CNN and “Deadly Recall” for Investigation Discovery. As a writer she has contributed several true crime stories and essays to Vice on topics ranging from murder and matricide to the death industry and public policy reform. She is also an active podcast producer, writer and interviewer who has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with law enforcement personnel, victims’ family members and convicted criminals for the podcast “The First Degree” with Billy Jensen and Jac Vanek.

Billy Jensen

Billy Jensen is a true-crime journalist, author, producer and investigative reporter. Originally from Long Island, NY, he has spent more than 20 years reporting about true crime stories, including unsolved murders, missing persons, and serial killers. He has solved or helped solve ten homicides and helped locate missing persons and law enforcement agencies now enlist Billy’s help as a “consulting detective.” Billy’s 2019 book, “Chase Darkness with Me: How One True Crime Writer Started Solving Murders” (Sourcebooks/Audible) was a New York Times Bestseller. He also helped finish Michelle McNamara’s #1 New York Times bestselling book, “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” about the hunt for the Golden State Killer, which was adapted into an HBO docuseries. He co-hosts two podcasts, “Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad” with Paul Holes and “The First Degree” with Alexis Linkletter and Jac Vanek.

UNRAVELED: THE STALKER’S WEB is produced by Joke Productions with Joke Fincioen, Biagio Messina, and Jeff Kuntz as executive producers. Tim Baney is executive producer for discovery+.

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